Zync Keyboard for 9.7 inch Android tablet launched

Zync has launched a new keyboard for 9.7 inch Android Tablets. It is priced in an economical range and costs Rs 1990. It is a QWERTY keyboard with easy to use keypads. zync_android_keyboard The keyboard is Black in color. It is compatible with Tablet’s having 9.7 inch display size and running on Android Operating System. The keyboard has specially designed soft keys in order to provide a convenient typing experience. Its numeric keypad is especially for students and those who frequently have to depend on a calculator. It also comes with functional keys that act as a shortcut to multiple functions. Zync’s keyboard has user friendly options for music lovers as well in order to provide an enhanced musical experience. It comes with two USB ports. Zync officially stated that 2012 was an year when it launched lots of new tablets. Zync had previously launched keyboard for 7.0 inch tablets. The keyboard for 9.7 inch Tablets was launched because the users prefer using it as a mini laptop for entertainment purposes. Zync has recently launched the Zync Z 1000 Tab that sports a 9.7 inch, 1024 x 768p screen. Regarding the keyboard, Zync officially stated that the keys provide soft touch experience along with its thin form. This provides a much more user friendly experience while typing. The device also has HDMI port. Zync stated that the keyboard can be used for multiple purposes and is convenient and is portable to carry around while travelling too.

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