ZTE V98 10-inch Windows 8 slate Preview at MWC 2013

ZTE V98 tablet first showed up at the Mobile World Congress which is its first public appearance since its formal announcement in September of 2012. The V98 is a 10-inch tablet and runs on an Intel Atom processor and works the Windows 8. ztv9 The V98 does not leave room for criticism in terms of design. The front has a single sheet of glass and is contoured by machined aluminum which runs and encases the entire back too adding slightly to the weight and a lot to the durability factor. Possibly the only flaw in the design is the flimsy and fragile flap cover that clothes the microSD card slot. The 10-inch display has a 1,366×768-pixel resolution. The screen displays bright colouring with sufficient detail. To sum up about the display, although it meets standard requirements in terms of its size, it doesn’t break barriers from the normal to deliver above average display quality. Internally the tablet has an Intel Atom Z2760 processor and 1.7GHz and is backed by 2GB worth of RAM. This means that the tablet doesn’t deliver high speed, high-performance however it manages the Windows 8 functions with smooth alacrity. The colourful interface of Windows 8 is responsive to swipe and taps. Switching between apps did was not lag free but was smooth for the most part. For users looking to put this device to basic browsing and mailing purposes, no issues will be noticed. For any other processor driven function, observance of lags and bumps wont be uncommon. ZTE has not released word of the price of the new V98 , however given its low powered processor it should receive a cohesive pricing in order to sustain market competition from other Windows 8 10 inch tablets. Overall this tablet manages the basics and brings in the Windows 8 experience in a rounded way.

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