ZTE Launches Gecko

ZTE Corporation has launched Gecko which, according to the company, is the first multi-carrier super-mini CDMA base station available in the industry. The Gecko measures 26cmX18cmX5.8cm easy to mount and satisfies operators’ networking requirements, such as indoor blind-spot coverage and hot-spot traffic distribution. “The Gecko helps operators make up for any deficiencies, improves network quality, enhances user experience and builds high-efficiency and high-quality CDMA networks,” claims the company. ZTE’s Gecko base station supports several IP networking modes and achieves access by using various transmission resources (such as MAN, LAN, PON, xDSL, and satellite, etc.). Its coverage radius can reach 300 meters. Capable of supporting 31 1x users or 64 EV-DO data users, Gecko supports both 1x and EV-DO services simultaneously. In addition, the Gecko base station can be flexibly deployed in conjunction with the current outdoor macro base stations to achieve soft handoff and to enable unified management and operator maintenance. “The ZTE Gecko base station is small in size yet high in performance, with features such as low costs, quick deployment and full convergence capabilities,” said Li Jian, general manager, ZTE CDMA and LTE product line. “The Gecko can help operators to acquire more subscribers and speed-up network construction, thus enhancing the profitability of mobile broadband networks.” Currently, the commercial trial of ZTE’s Gecko has started in China Telecom’s Sichuan Branch.

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