Zomm – A gadget which wont let you loose your mobile

Have you ever loosed your mobile just because you are an absent-mind folk like me. I dropped my phone last year and it took me a lot of guts to prepare myself to get another smartphone. Some people also have the habit to forget the mobile on office desks or restaurant’s tables. For such people I have a gadget to share. Zomm is a device which alarms you when you are going away from your phone or your phone is going away from you. It is said to be invented by a Mom (who cares!! have you ever cared who invented mobile phone?). Anyways, lets come to the point. Zomm has following 3 features: 1. Wireless Leash™ : Using Bluetooth® technology ZOMM connects wirelessly to the mobile phone and lets the user know when the ZOMM is too far away from the mobile phone. If your phone does not have Bluetooth, don’t worry, no one will steal it such an outdated phone. 2. Act as an speakerphone : ZOMM also informs the user of an incoming call, enables the user to manage the incoming call with the press of a button and acts as a fully-functional speakerphone. 3. Emergency alarm : This feature lets you raise alarm in case of an emergency from a single press of the center Z-button. image image ZOMM is designed to fit as a keychain in your pocket and resist typical stresses a key chain may endure. Actions such as dropping ZOMM onto a hard surface, sitting on ZOMM, splashing ZOMM with water have been anticipated. ZOMM has been designed to resist these types of actions without sustaining permanent damage. The device was unveiled in CES 2010 and costs around $80 (Rs3,600). Though its a bit expensive but it could be a one time investment to save all your further high end phones. View ZOMM Video:

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