Zen Mobile plans to Introduce 3G-handsets

Zen Mobile is one among those mobile company which are rapidly making its space in Indian mobile industry. The company already has a portfolio of 18 models in the market and enjoys around 2.5% market share. img_230092_zen-mobile-amitabh Zen is now planning to make its portfolio even stronger by launching a range of 3G mobile handsets next months within the price range of Rs3,500 to Rs5,000. The company aim to capture three fold market share by end of this fiscal year. Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Deepesh Gupta Managing Director ZenMobile’s says, “We will launch at least two 3G handsets priced between Rs3,500-Rs5,000 in November this year. We will launch more 3G handsets in the future,” The company is targeting a revenue of Rs500 crore from the handset business with at least 8- 10 % contribution from both domestic and overseas markets by end-this fiscal. “We aim to triple our marketshare to 7-10 per cent from the present 2.5 per cent by FY11,” Mr. Gupta added.

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