Yes 4G – Fastest internet service to go live in one hour

Yes is a 4G mobile internet service along with voice and is claimed to be the fastest 4G service in the world! The 4G Service offered by Yes would be 3-5 times faster than the existing 3G Services. 4G is the fourth generation mobile standard and offers upto 100 Mbps internet access! In addition 4G offers secure all-IP based secure connections. The service is brought to us by YTL Corporation – a company from Malaysia and the service would be initially rolled out in malaysia. The campaign for this has been going on and the official website is currently showing the countdown! Right now only 1 hour 30 minutes is remaining before the service goes live! yes-4g-live There’s been some photo leaks of the Yes 4G offerings and brochure. Via Glaringnetbook yes4g2 yes4g1 yes4g4 Yes 4G Video Promo We will keep track of more details about Yes 4G. This is one of the important events in mobile phone history. Official website of Yes 4g:

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