Yamaha EPH-100 earphones First Impression

Yamaha is a company has a wide spread presence in the market. It sells a varied range of products from motorcycles to jet skis, to professional mixing boards, and even headphones. Yamaha, needless to say is a well-known brand, which consumers can rely on. yamaha-eph-100-front-driver-enclosure-610x403-c However, Yamaha in spite of its expertise in audio circles is not a very big name in the headphone market. Whatever may be the cause behind this, the Yamaha EPH-100 earphones is one product that can enthrall its listeners. Let us take a brief look at these amazing earphones. Design and features The Yamaha EPH-100’s looks a bit chunky with metal cylinders that house the drivers and its edges also appear to be very sharp. All this metal and edgy design makes it look rather hard and uncomfortable to wear in your ear canals. But looks can be highly deceptive, as the earphone is not uncomfortable at all. Its housing is machined aluminum and is extremely light. Its sharp edges don’t even touch your ear. The earphones sport double-flange ear pads that are both comfortable as well as functional. The earphone has 6mm drivers to reproduce music. Its cord is also reasonably tangle free and is very durable. The Yamaha EPH-100 is made for any specific mobile device and don’t have a microphone or any inline controls. Audio performance The Yamaha EPH-100 is one of those rare earphones that sound amazing right out of its box, with no play time and anything. These earphones sound crisp and clear, with great precision and balance. It delivers music as it is meant to sound with a remarkable openness with a brilliant note. It’s got spectacular treble treatment and a fine handling of the midrange not to mention its warm and accurate bass. Conclusion Yamaha EPH-100 comes with a very reasonable tag of $150 and can be termed as a must have for all the music lovers.

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