Yahoo Unveils Axis – Its New Web Browse for iPad and iPhone

yahoo_axis Internet search giant Yahoo has made announcement about the launching of a novel mobile browser and hunt tool named “Yahoo Axis”. Launching primarily as an app for iPhone and iPad, Axis boasts a variety of novel browsing traits. The company is also providing identical browsing characteristics as a plug-in for the chief desktop internet browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari – boating HTML-5 graphic potentialities. The company proposes to launch this tool, Axis, for additional mobile platforms shortly. Users can easily transfer the novel Yahoo Axis from Apple’s application Store. The new tool, like any other search service, you need to begin with a hunt box. While typing your question, you will get hinted search questions dropping down – akin to Google search. But then what comes along is not the customary blue links, but a filmstrip-like outlook crosswise the screen’s top, boasting huge thumbnails of search outcome pages. In order to open the complete page, you need to hit one thumbnails and swipe to visit next page for search outcome. On its blog, the company said, “Axis is the first of its kind to challenge the status quo of the typical search and browse experience; a results page, ten blue links, clicking back and forth between links and the results page, the need to start over when you move to another device.” “Axis is the first time the search experience evolves from a destination to a companion. It’s the first search experience to provide visually rich page previews of results instantly as you type. It’s the first mobile browser that connects with any major desktop browser. Axis is the first browser to really change the game,” it added.
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