Yahoo! Safely : A Dedicated Site On Online Safety

Yahoo! India has introduced a dedicated site Yahoo! Safely to provide safer online experiences for users in the week leading up to Safer Internet Day on February 8, 2011. Yahoo! Safely ( is an oasis of information designed to educate Internet users on how to make smart online choices. images Yahoo! Safely informs parents, educators and children about important topics such as protecting online privacy, managing search queries and creating secure online identities. The website offers a number of social web tips for teenagers including learning how to minimize risks on mobile devices. It also provides guidance on how to use Yahoo! products in a safe manner. “The Internet is a remarkably inclusive destination that fulfils both our information and communication needs. Our online identity is our new face and our email ID is our virtual address from where we chat, share, retrieve and research information each day, so it is important that we give our young people the tools they need to make smart digital decisions,” shared Alka Sharma, spokesperson for Yahoo! Safely, Yahoo! India. In support of Safer Internet Day 2011, the company is launching Yahoo! Safely in 26 countries and 14 languages across the globe, including India.

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