Yahoo! Improves Search Engine

Yahoo! Search is rolling out a new search experience, improving its mobile search, and adding a list of hot search topics to the Yahoo front page. Now, search for entertainment or news-related topics become streamlined and much easier. The enhanced news & entertainment shortcuts on Yahoo! Search allows users to watch movie trailers, listen to songs from an album, see the latest photos, and read the latest tweets about certain topics. When a user visit and search for news and entertainment-related topics, he will get to see a box with vertical tabs, giving different ways to examine the topic. “We’re creating a search experience that, instead of merely presenting you with a simple list of results, lets you discover important, relevant information and get things done right after you search,” said Shashi Seth, senior vice president, Yahoo Search & Marketplaces. The company has also enhanced web search for iPhones and Android devices with better organized results that leverage HTML5 technology. “If you have one of these smartphones, go to on your mobile web browser to try searching for a stock quote or a local business listing.” In addition, the enhanced ‘Trending Now’ list on now takes people to slideshows for select topics that are spiking on the web. And, the slideshow feature has been also added to Yahoo’s image search, “where you’ll see slideshows of images from your friend’s public Facebook albums after connecting your Facebook and Yahoo! accounts.” These slideshows will also feature public images from Yahoo!’s content sites and from Flickr. These are just a few of the features we’re launching this fall, and we’ll share more details in the coming weeks. “We’ve been working hard to improve the quality and relevance for key topic areas on Yahoo! Search, including shopping and local results,” added Seth.

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