Xiaomi Mi 4 cheatsheet

“Everything there’s to know about Xiaomi’s latest flagship, the Mi 4”


Within less than a year of beginning its operations in India, Xiaomi has garnered a terrific response in the country that many new and even established brands can only dream of achieving. Now, its popularity is set to grow even more, as the brand has launched its latest offering, the Mi 4 in the country. The device is the successor to the company’s debut vehicle, the Mi 3, in the subcontinent and is targeted at those who want a flagship experience without breaking the bank. The smartphone features top-notch specs, which when combined with Xiaomi’s custom overlay MIUI 6, makes it a wholesome package.

Months before its official launch here, we procured ourselves a unit from China and took it through our review grind. Making all our coverage easily accessible to you, here’s everything there is to know about the Xiaomi Mi 4 in one place.

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