X-Ray — A Phone With Transparent Body

KDDI is planning to introduce new models of mobile phone to the iida brand lineup from the mid-November 2010. The new iida mobile phones to be introduced this time are X-RAY by Tokujin Yoshioka. The new innovative X-RAY phone features a transparent body. The mobile phone embraces an entirely new design. Electronic components — the PC board and integrated circuits visibly emerge through the transparent body to convey depth. “Transcending mere design as shape, X-RAY was conceived to express the natural form of the mobile phone on its surface, in revealing naked form. Its body’s calculated luster, colour and degree of transparency evoke a deep sensibility and luxuriousness,” the company informed. Developed especially for X-RAY, the 7×102 dot-matrix LED SUB-DISPLAY is a feature that characterizes the mobile phone’s inimitable presence. The LED SUB-DISPLAY lights up with an array of data, such as the current time and incoming e-mail alerts. The procession of data detailed in red characters across the see-through body of the mobile phone imparts an artistic beauty to the phone’s rich texture. x-ray_f004 The graphics are handled by Groovisions under the direction of Tokujin Yoshioka. The phone comes with  highly user-friendly designs – wallpaper, three types of world clocks, icons. Sound for the phone, produced by KUJUN, brims with clarity. X-RAY boasts a line-up of three never-before-seen colours including — Deep red evocative of fine win, Black with the mien of chic maturity, Blue redolent of the fathomless sea. X-RAY’s textured yet clear transparency is expressed through transparent polycarbonate infused with a glass . colours The phone boasts 8.08 megapixel camera, Photo Viewer, ECO Mode, Privacy protection, display Key customization, Transfer of Recorded Terrestrial Digital TV Programs etc. It supports 16 GB microSDHC external memory. “A high-speed CPU dramatically boosts processing speed and achieves assured performance. The latest specifications, including the GSM standard for calls to 196 countries and regions around the world, support your ever-expanding everyday mobile activity.”

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