Wynncom Y-23 With Dual Memory Support @ Rs 1,895

Wynncom has launched yet another dual-SIM handset with Dual T flash card that supports expandable memory up to 8GB (4GB+4GB). Y-23 allows easy data tranfer to its users. This new phone makes it easier for the user to transfer data from one memory card to the other by eliminating the process of taking the card out of the instrument and inserting another card. “This unique feature is one of its kinds,” said the company. Another feature of the phone is the provision to record the FM programmes one misses by scheduling a record according to the time the programme is aired. “In the Tier 2, tier 3 areas, technology is still advancing. Thus the knowledge about transferring from PC to phone or vice versa is restricted. Y23 eliminates all such difficulties by easing the data transfer to any other memory card without the involvement of a PC,” said Arvind R Vohra, co-founder and managing director, Wynn Telecom. WWdFb The phone also comes with a mobile tracker that sends an automated message to the registered number on unauthorized access. One can blacklist unwanted numbers and SMSes by simply blocking the numbers. Y-23 has MP3 and video player for music experience. This phone comes along with 1000 mAh Battery capacity which allows up to 6 hours of backup. It is equipped with other features like a 1.8-inch 65k TFT Display, Video Playback (3gp), digital camera with Flash, SMS & GPRS. Y-23 is available at an MOP of Rs 1,895.

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