Worldwide Mobile Sales and OS Share

According to Gartner, 417 million mobile phone sales happened in third quarter of 2010. This is 35% more than the sales in third quarter 2009 which stands at 308.89 million handset sales. Smartphone sales almost doubled and grew 96% compared to the third quarter last year! The momentum is clearly with smartphones..Still Smartphone comprises only 19.3% (81 million handsets) of overall mobile phone sales. This may explain the still larger demand for basic handsets from rural areas and developing countries. mobile-handset-marketshare-q3-2010 Few interesting observations regarding mobile sales: * Apple overtakes Research in Motion (RIM) * Nokia’s marketshare plummeted from 36.7% to 28.2% * Surprisingly Samsung’s marketshare also dropped from 19.6% to 17.2% * While both Samsung, Nokia lost their marketshare, overall handset sales has grown. This is because overall marketsize has increased. * HTC, Apple, Blackberry, Huawei and ZTE have grown their market share and net sales. * Sony Ericsson, LG and Motorola have lost their marketshare as well as dropped in the net sales. * The wildcard seems to be others, a combined category which has doubled the marketshare as well as net sales. This dark-horse is clearly the white-label manufacturers from asian countries such as India namely micromax, karbonn, spice and many others. * Samsung sold 6.6 million Android phones – catapulting them to top-android-seller position. * Apple has done very well. But it faces supply-constraints on components and may very well face the same fate of Nokia. But too early to tell. * Apple is top smartphone seller. mobile-os-marketshare-q3-2010 Few observations regarding Mobile Operating system: * The star of the year is un-doubtedly Android. Android has increased its market share from 3.5% in Q3, 2009 to 25.5% in Q3, 2010. That’s 8 times growth! * Whose cheese android took away? Nearly every platform suffered with symbian losing 8% marketshare. Windows Mobile is the biggest sufferer as it has lost both marketshare and numbers are also dwindling fast! * The momentum of Android is sustained by Google’s innovation and constant release of interesting and useful features in newer versions. Complete report here

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