Wishtel to launch Linux-based tablet for $50

Have seen tablets with Android, iOS and Windows platforms in Indian market, but not yet seen any 7 or 8 incher with Linux operating system. Wishtel is coming up with one such. The Mumbai-based company said it will be launching computing devices run on its own developed PrithV OS based on Linux. wishtel-logo According to Wishtel, their Linux-based devices will start at $50 and they will be launching netbooks too apart from tablet PCs. In a released statement Wishtel CEO Milind Shah said, “Our objective as a technology and manufacturing company is to create affordable range of products that can contribute to society by extending education for free and without boundaries.” PrithV has been developed jointly by Wishtel and Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and it supports 85 languages including 23 Indian languages. The platform also comes with pre-loaded educational suite and offers self learning software for students. Earlier, Wishtel lost the bid for manufacturing Aakash tablet for the government. However, it is learned it will again participate in the upcoming round of tender for next Aakash version.

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