Wireless Memory cards are fully mainstream now.

Couple of years ago, a US based company called Eye-Fi came out with a working concept called Wirless Memory cards – SD cards with wi-fi capability inbuilt. The technology and the products have been well-tweaked ever since. The Eye-Fi memory cards allows users to wirelessly transfer the contents of the memory card to desktop PC, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. No more running around to find the USB cables and no more messing with wires. The Eye-Fi card has so far found major interest among Camera users since most of the cameras out there lack the wifi capability. Take a look at some of the smart features of this Eye-Fi memory cards:

  • Connect wirelessly to any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop and transfer the contents. In fact you can connect to any wi-fi enabled devices.
  • The photos transferred are automatically backed up and organized according to your setup. The backup can happen even on a cloud service that you configure!
  • End-less memory feature: Connect your eye-fi memory card with your smartphone or any web-connected device. Once established, the contents can be sent directly to the target device. Thereby freeing up the memory space on the eye-fi card. This sort of offers an endless memory feature.


The “internet of things” or smart objects wherein every device can talk to each other wirelessly is slowly happening. Right now, the devices are acquiring the capability. Once the capability becomes a common denominator, the next wave of technological innovations will flourish!

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