Wireless Charging evolves further.

Wirless charging is one of the hottest upcoming commercial interest among consumers as well as manufacturers. The sheer ability to charge your electronic devices and personal appliances wirelessly spurs our imagination…! The wireless charging has been largely under academic research. Thanks to some serious research, the solution is ready for commercial application at wide scale. Fulton innovations has been working on a wireless charging solution called eCoupled for few years now. This year Fulton innovations is ready to showcase how much wireless charging has been improved in terms of feasibility and appeal!

Check out the teaser video shown below:

The video shows how a mobile phone that is placed inside a handbag begins charging when it comes within the range of wireless charging station. The details of the technology and other specs are largely kept under the carpet and will be showcased during the opening day of CES 2012 event..! There are many questions waiting to be answered What is the range of fulton wireless charging?


The wireless power transmission technology provided by Fulton Innovations works on the principle of inductive coupling. Fulton claims that the technology absolutely safe and efficient while transmitting power wirelessly.

eCoupled official website also has a cool timeline of wireless power technology.


So, we are very much ready to transmit everything over air now. We have wireless telephone, wireless internet and now wireless power transmission!

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