Windows Phone Twitter app receives update, will bring better notification

Twitter-WP-app The official Twitter app for Windows has received a minor but an important update. From now on, the Twitter app for Windows will have notification feature added to it. The update has also fixed many of the bugs which were troubling the users earlier. The famed blue twitter bird has also been added to the app. With this update the windows phone twitter app is now version 1.5. So when you now turn on your twitter app, you will see he following:
  • Mentions
  • Favorited
  • Direct messages
  • Retweets
  • New Followers
The notifications are now push enabled and support Live Tiles. It instantly shows the user all the latest information that the user needs to see on his homescreen. While this update is a welcome step, many are surprised at the fact that it took twitter so long to update this app. Anyway, the update now is available on Windows Phone Marketplace where it can be downloaded for free.
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