Windows Phone Roadmap Leaks shows us the plan of Microsoft

According to the leaked roadmap picture captured by wmpoweruser website, Microsoft will unveil two new versions of Windows Phone OS in the year 2012. The roadmap picture shown below depicts that Microsoft laid the foundation for Windows Phone 7 way back in Q4, 2010 with a clear focus on differentiated User experience and clear intent on higher end smartphones.

Microsoft followed it up with a Mango update which brought in loads of new features and made the Windows Phone 7 available in multiple countries in various languages. What is the direction from now on? Well, the roadmap shows that Microsoft will first launch a Tango update which will enable the windows phone 7 to be installed on the lower-rung smartphones such as affordable handsets with limited hardware configuration. This seems more like a strategic step. No wonder Nokia has announced that they will be soon launching affordable windows phones! Once this strategic move is accomplished, Microsoft will proceed with Apollo update, which will address the needs of Superphones (Quad-core processors, High-definition video capture, playback etc.,HD Gaming) and Business Smartphones. Apollo update is expected in Q4, 2012. Which means we can expect the first Windows SuperPhone sometime in the Q1 or Q2 of 2013



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