Windows Phone 8 to have a Curved Onscreen Keypad

windows-phone-curved-keyboard A QWERTY keyboard is somewhat awkward if you use one hand during typing. According to a report, Microsoft and its partners are planning to introduce an arc-style keyboard layout, which supports typing by the thumb. This kind of keypad would be user-friendly and reliable for a longtime. If you don’t know how to type fast on a QWERTY keyboard, then wait for Microsoft’s upcoming innovation. After a Microsoft Research presentation, a leaked image of the HTC 7 Trophy with keys demonstrating three to four letters on a curve easy to use by the thumb has come to light. This image shows right-handed operation while it can be set to left-handed operation as well. If this becomes true in the future, then texting would be easily for anybody. You don’t have to use your fingers as all works would be done by the thumb. Microsoft innovation has reinvented the power of typing by the thumb. This innovation is a boon for those having thick fingers as they can’t type fast and quick on a QWERTY keyboard. An arc-style keyboard layout is an amazing innovation from Microsoft and it’s expected to be introduced in upcoming Windows Phone 8. Many smartphone users are desperate to grab handsets that allow fast texting. You would also be able to type anything quickly although if you are in rush. Relieve your fingers after official introduction by Microsoft. If you are a fanatic smartphone lover, then your love will double. Everybody is interested in using the thumb, then why not you.
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