Windows Phone 7 Apps Crossing the 15000 Mark

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is the latest smartphone OS in the Windows platform. The user base for Windows is still growing and Smartphone makers like HTC, LG are still revealing new smartphones based on this platform. Recently, Nokia joined this bandwagon to develop smartphones based on Windows Phone 7. While on the other front, several applications were built by developers and published in the Windows market place. Now, this count reached 15000 and still growing with a force. WP7applist as of Tuesday afternoon showed 14,946 apps having been added in the half-year since Windows Phone 7’s launch in October 2010. windows-phone-7 Around 3000 Apps were published on the marketplace just in the month of April and still few more days to go. However, Windows market place is very small when compared to Android Market place with 1,5o,000 Apps published and Apple iOS App store with 3,00,000 plus Apps published. The detailed stats says that around 40% of the apps were free to use, 36% were paid and 23% were entitled for trial and buy. It also says that 7000 apps were below the price rate of one dollar. wp7-stats BlackBerry and HP web OS App catalog is still behind the Windows Phone 7 market. However, BlackBerry App world is half to reach the size of Windows market where it was started an year back. These players have a great demand for the apps where the smartphone market is mounting. Innovative technologies are experimented day by day too requires the same. For an updated stats, click here

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