Windows 8 touch-screen notebook takes backseat as the buyers hook to tablets

In the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona the PC buyers are not much interested in the touch-enabled Windows 8 notebooks as they now prefer the low cost tablets to do their basic internet work on the go. This is also confirmed by the figures released by market watcher Context. windows-8-touchscreen-laptop The figures show that only a mere 0.2 per cent of the devices sold through UK distribution in October were touch-enabled notebooks, which had then steadily increased to 2.6 percent by January. However, Spain emerged as the least enthusiastic adopter of the devices, as just 0.5 percent of notebooks sold through distribution in January. Then again, Italy’s enthusiasm for Windows 8 touchscreen devices seems to have also increased since launch, as the percentage of touchscreen devices fell from 3.4 percent to 2.5 percent. The popularity of the devices may have taken a seat back from a lack of support from hardware vendors at the time of Windows 8’s launch. The analyst house explained that it expects sales of touchscreen Windows 8 notebooks to hike up by the third quarter of 2013, as the festive season approaches, but the high cost of the devices could actually wean off some users. As the price of 15-inch and higher touch screens is very costly, making the portables a high-priced item, the popularity of the cheaper tablets also could potentially hamper the touchscreen sales. The Context’s figures were released at the Mobile World Congress 2013 earlier this week, which has seen an abundance of new Android tablets being announced by the big brands such as the Samsung, HP and Asus. On the other hand, LG is also supposed to have used the event to treat the visitors with a look at its new Windows 8 tablet, though it is really not confirmed as yet. It seems that the battle of the Android empowered tablets and the touch-enabled Windows 8 notebooks will carry on, as the Windows 8 empowered tablets and smartphones are also gaining momentum.

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