Windows 8 to come in two new Nokia mobiles

images (2)A month ago, Microsoft launched the Windows 8 platform officially and explains about its features and stuffs. People got flaunt with this new revolution. It is now rumored that Microsoft will unveil latest stuff about Windows 8 at Nokia World scheduled to be held on September 5. It is expected that Windows 8 may come on two new Nokia phones. This story was first leaked in WPDang, a reputable Chinese site. According to the same report, Nokia Lumia 910 and Lumia 920 are the phones to run on Windows 8. There is still some skeptical thoughts attached with this news, but Microsoft is definitely looking for a partnership with its oldest pal. The features of Windows 8 will also be enumerated on September 5. These two Smartphone will definitely be in high demand if they get launched. There is still some time left and few more speculations may be heard about the same. Windows 8 being the customer pivotal operating system has already generated a large customer base for itself. Windows 8 on mobiles will look super cool as well. People are really getting excited about it. The smart and fresh Nokia phones will feature something really special. So just hold on for few more days and then enjoy the magical experience.
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