Windows 7 Series unveiled in WMC, Barcelona

Microsoft revealed the next generation of Windows Mobile Operation system – Windows Phone 7 Series – at the World Mobile Conference, Barcelona. The New Operating system is designed for smartphones and Mobile handsets. The project originally called as “Photon” was supposed to be released in mid 2009, but was delayed. Windows-Phone-7-Series Windows Phone 7 is claiming to offer a truly integrated experience through their so-called ‘hubs‘. According to microsoft, you can imaging hubs as a component/way of brining together variety of content across the web, applications, services and offers a simplified view, while making the tasks much more intuitive. There are 6 such hubs – People [Social networking], Pictures [Camera], Games [Xbox LIVE], Music+Video [Music player, Video player, FM Radio, Zune Music, PC Integration], Marketplace [Store to buy apps, games etc.,], Office [Productivity tools, Corporate Email access, Sharepoint etc.,] The interesting thing is about integrating their existing offerings such as XBOX LIVE and Zune services in 7 Series OS. I am assuming there would be a good amount of basic hardware requirements for this OS to funcion. Also, the User Interface named as “Metro” is based on Zune HD Interface, and has been much improved. First Phones can be expected around Fall 2010. Find out more information from An online demo of Windows Phone 7 is available at Highlights: – Every Windows Phone 7 Series handsets will be accompanied by a dedicated hardware button for Searching through BING – One-click access to search is the mantra! The Geo-location would be taken in to account and BING would be delivering a highly localized and relevant search results. – Windows Phone 7 Series will offer a truly integrated experience by bringing together XBOX LIVE, Videos, Web, Music and of course Basic mobile functionalities. Checkout Video Demo Tags: Real-time updates, touchscreen, social networking, Games, Music, Centralized status update, Photos, Videos, Wi-Fi, Bing Search,

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