WiMe NanoWatch: Android Droid

These days, watches are a secondary accessory to your smartphone. Cumulatively, we spend hours staring at smartphones, that we notice the time constantly and don’t have to twist the wrist to check where we are at. Kids, perhaps use watches in the way they are meant to be used. Even adults, business people and other professionals use watches to dress the hand and make an impression. But really what is the ratio of getting a time update from the smartphone compared to your watch. Hey, for this reason, some-it thought to manufacture a trendy watch which runs the Android operating system. This at just  $99 by WiMe called the NanoWatch is unique, still not the very first kind of watch, but it will invite more players into the timepiece playground. ilovehandles1 You can make calls, set alarms, of course check the time and use the watch for all primary functions. The WiMe NanoWatch when connected to an Android-powered phone over a Bluetooth connection let’s you extend your capabilities across the Android horizon. The watch has a 1.54” 240 x 240 pixel resistive touchscreen display, and works up 5 hours of talk time through its  300mAh battery. The battery life seems pretty decent, like say for a fancy evening out, don’t expect it to see you through your homework and classes! It also has 256MB ROM and 2GB of internal memory. Watchout for this watch, and expect more from other makers with greater possibilities and more creativity from the watch arena. For now, these WiMe NanoWatch watches look fantastic! They come in a range of fun colors that are not too bright and flashy, and don’t look cheap and plastic like. The colors further don’t cause a strain on the eyes while looking at the screen since the straps constitute more body than the display.  Overall, this watch is worth it as a collective, since it doesn’t cost much.

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