Will the new iPad 4G run on Indian 4G networks?

new-ipad Apple made a major announcement recently regarding the launch of its brand new 4G LTE- capable iPad in India on April 27. This announcement has caused an eruption of interest in the country with questions ranging from the performance of the slate to whether it is actually backwardly compatible with the existing 3G networks in India. We decided to clear the air once and for all the myths and rumors about the new iPad, doing the rounds in Indian webspace. Only recently Airtel unveiled India’s first 4G LTE network in Kolkata. Logically, you would think that Apple might have had some talks with Airtel, considering that the iPad is also the first 4G-tablet to be launched in India. The bad news is that the new iPad will work only on the American and Canadian LTE networks. The reason- varying LTE technology and the supported spectrum band. The new iPad can presently on only the 700MHz and 2100MHz spectrum for LTE whereas Indian 4G LTE networks will be based on the 2300 MHz band. But the good news is that the new iPad 4G is indeed backwards compatible. This means that you can still use the running 3G networks without any problems. It is unclear why Apple is marketing the new iPad in India as a 4G LTE-enabled device since it cannot use any of the 4G networks soon to be launched in India. Although, Apple does give a disclaimer that 4G LTE on the new iPad will be supported only on AT&T and Verizon networks in USA and Rogers, Telus and Bell networks in Canada, marketing it as a 4G device will only cause confusion and mislead buyers since no Indian 4G network currently supports the new iPad. It is understandable that Apple might want uniformity in its product titles throughout the world. However, it would be sad when the respected tech company gets dragged into a controversy which could easily have been avoided. Regardless, the problem is likely to go away soon since Apple products have a certain charm that generally overrules their drawbacks. After all, it’s the next big thing- the all new Apple iPad!
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