WiFi Tech that promises to double your smartphone battery

A Duke University graduate student has come up with a very useful improvement over the existing wi-fi technology. Most of us use Smartphones to browse internet today. In developed nations and in some parts of developing countries, users browse internet through Wi-Fi @ hotspots. Even at home, multiple devices access share the same connection. When multiple devices try to share the same wi-fi connection, there is a fight for the ‘active’ connection. Other devices have to stay awake until it gets its turn to download. In crowded wi-fi hotspot areas, the devices tend to stay awake for long time as multiple devices fight for the connection. This inefficient waiting time drains the battery life of smartphone. Justin Manweiler has developed a solution called SleepWell which allows the wi-fi devices to be in sleep mode until it gets its connection. Thus, the ‘stay awake’ period is converted into ‘sleep’ period, effectively saving the battery life.


This is what Justin have to say about SleepWell, “The energy draw is especially severe in the presence of other WiFi devices in the neighborhood. In such cases, each device has to “stay awake” before it gets its turn to download a small piece of its desired information. SleepWell enabled WiFi access points can stagger their activity cycles to minimally overlap with others.ultimately resulting in promising energy gains with negligible loss of performance”. “The testing we conducted across a number of device types and situations gives us confidence that SleepWell is a viable approach for the near future”, he added


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