Wider Image App that Reveals Secrets Behind Images

The Wider Image is an iPad app launched to showcase agency’s photography and the secrets behind the pictures. When the app is launched the first noticeable feature is the large grid with layers of photos tagged with a name of a city or a region. When you want to dig into the details you can browse to the right and the text labels lose colour after just seconds leaving images behind. Wider Image iOS App The stories and photos describe various subjects such as tribal rituals, mass protests, social issues, urban development, natural disasters and other historical topics. When you click on the photos a page opens up with large cover photo, a short text description with details such as date and photojournalists name and other images such as slideshows, videos, inforgraphics and texts. When you scroll to the left or right between stories, the non-text elements emerges for each essay. Most of the text is described in the form of first-person accounts which is a resemblance of situations in which photographers were dipped in the context. Some of the photo contents were unappealing; one of the contents was a description of violence in Greece showcasing a victim’s scars and an interview of the victim who describes his injuries and the social and economic reasons for immigration crisis. The photo also highlights pleasant events of a lady in London preparing for a ball and the pictures throws light on description of gowns, etiquette and the role of ancient English traditions in today’s society. The ‘Explore’ section showcases a timeline with photo essays arranged by date. The events date back to 2010. The user can modify the view to browse by location, photographer or theme. On a world map the user can just pinch to zoom in or out to observe stories. The image depicts hundreds of photojournalists in alphabetical order and in the individual profile pages there is information on favourite shot, brief description and interview that allows you to browse through stories and backgrounds.

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