Wider Image app is meant for the image story aficionados

The Wider Image is an application that is exclusively designed for iPads and is aimed at image and story lovers. After launching it, you will see is a large grid with tiles of photos that are labeled with the name of a region. widerimageb The photos and the stories involve all kinds of subjects ranging from various rituals to social issues to natural disasters and anything and everything that has some significance. If you tap on any particular grid, you will be greeted by a page with one large cover photo along with a brief text description containing details like date and the photojournalist’s name along with other elements such as slideshows, videos, etc. You have the option to scroll left or right to move between many stories, or up and down to disclose more of the photo essay. Most of the text in the app is written in first-person as it reveals the accounts of the photographers, who had several experiences during taking the shots and who themselves put the descriptions in the form of text. Some of the photo essays could be rather disturbing as they describe social issues involving violence and also include first-hand accounts of sufferers. On the other hand, you will also find lighter pictures stories that revolve around entertainment or pleasant topics. In few words, the app provides all sorts of pictures and stories covering varied topics. The app also has an Explore option that lets you to change the view to browse by location, theme or photographer depending on your choice. You can zoom in or out by pinching on the picture or a world map and you will get to see stories arrange themselves according to time and date of happening, as you move around the page. This app has got the works of innumerable photojournalists whose names are arranged in alphabetical order, and their personal profile pages comprise of their best shots, a brief description along with an interview which brings you their own stories and backgrounds. The app also has a ‘My View’ section that contains a list of all the stories you’ve marked as favourites as well as the locations and photojournalists you’ve chosen to follow. There’s also a history section to help you find out something you have seen and liked before. The app also detects where you are and shows you the statistics in opposition to your own location. The app definitely allows sharing as well. The stories you have like can be shared via email links; this app creates a cleanly formatted email with a cover image and description of your favourite story along with a link to the Apple App Store. This app is a perfect choice of all story lovers as the stories and images that are provided in this app are really great. This app provides a lot of experiences of people as well as the happenings in the world. The pictures, whether beautiful or ugly or disturbing shows how varied the world is and contains real stories behind them. This nicely designed app can have you hooked on to some amazing stories.

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