Why Angry Birds is so popular and successful ???

Angry Birds – A simple games which phenomenally gained success among players. The games designed for mobile phones, tablets and computers and some other platforms. The game involves employing a slingshot to propel cannonball shaped birds at the simple properties used. This include fragile glass, timber houses populated with green pigs.
Some of our reader base have already been engaged in playing Angry Birds or atleast used it for one-time.  But around the world, 50 million individual users have downloaded this game even by paying a few dollars for advanced seasons. A research lab (Neiman Journalism Lab) found that the total number of hours consumed by Angry Birds players world-wide is roughly 200 million minutes a DAY, which translates into 1.2 billion hours a year. To compare, all person-hours spent creating and updating Wikipedia totals about 100 million hours over the entire life span of Wikipedia. What drives them to get attached or addicted to this simple game ??? There must be catch…. Why not ???
Angry Birds is a simple game, but there are certain factors which drives the users to get attached. The tear down report from the Lab justifies as, the game comes with an interactive concept. The user interface looks simple and so interactive where an user get engaged for such a long time playing around. Also, the UI gives a quick response to the actions performed by the user. The memory management is so good that there will be no lags in the response time.
For any game, the story boarding is very important factor. This game starts by narrating the story and gain sympathy towards the Birds. The story propels the user to get involved and demise the pigs. Spicing up the scenario, the game maintains the manage Sounds and visuals in a perfect manner. The mystery is all around us in the things we find truly compelling.
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