Who said you cannot buy new gadgets at second-hand price

As a shopper, you would have come across Factory outlets that sell branded apparels at discount prices. Factory outlets are able to afford steep discounts because the goods are factory seconds with minor defects in them. But the product is very much usable. Have you ever wondered a similar concept exists for consumer electronics and gadgets in India? Well, there are some online and offline stores that specialize on selling refurbished products. Stores such as these categorize the products in to 5 different segments. Surplus: Products/Gadgets that have reached their shelf lives are called as surplus. Every product will have a timeframe during which they are considered marketable. Beyond this timeframe, the products loose their appeal largely because they become obselete and irrelevant in the market. Such products are returned by retailers back to the manufacturers. Most of these products were never opened from the carton box and are still in pristine conditions.  Such products are called as SURPLUS. Because of the nature of these products, they can be obtained at significant discount. There are few surplus online electronics stores popping up in the country such as GoBol Carton Damaged: Blame it on the bad logistics or shipping infrastructure in the country, there are good chances that the cartons in which the appliances/gadgets are shipped becomes damaged causing slight dent or damages to the products housed inside the carton. Such cartons are again returned back by the retailers to the manufacturers. These products are classified as Carton damaged products. Demo Units: How many times have you laid your hands around a gadget/product in an electronic store. Every major electronic retailer in the country will have a demo piece housed so that consumers can play around with the product. Also, manufacturers give away sample units to the product reviewers. The sample products are then returned back to the manufacturers. Such products are classified as Demo Units Factory Seconds: This is the most obvious case. Products that have very minor defects – mostly superficial and cosmetic in nature – are rejected by the quality department of the manufacturers. Such products are still usable except for the outside defect. Such products are classified as Factory Seconds. Refurbished Items: Products that require some minor repair are fixed by the manufacturers/dealers and converted back to workable conditions. Such products are classified as Refurbished items Generally, the products classified above are covered under two different warranty types – Manufacturer warranty and Seller warranty. Carton Damaged goods, Demo Units, Factory Seconds, Surplus goods come under manufacturer warranty and with a good 25-40% discount from the market price. Refurbished items come under either manufacturer warranty or seller warranty depending upon who has fixed it and selling it. Next time you plan to purchase a gadget, make sure you evaluate the option of refurbished items. After all, not everyone want to own a brand new gadget and not everyone have deep pockets or heavy wallets. You will have to just make sure that the product is in good condition and quality. That’s why it is important to buy refurbished items from reputed dealers. 91mobiles.com is putting together a facility where users can now buy a refurbished item alongside the new/used gadgets. Hail democracy!

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