Whatsapp available for Windows 8 OS again

Whatsapp is available again on Windows Phone 8 store. This seems to be a direct consequence of the huge number of customer complaints that Microsoft has been receiving regarding the lower quality of apps in Windows phone 8 compared to its competitors. Whatsapp was available for Windows 7 Windows 8 had been lacking this app till this recent update.

Windows 8 store has been struggling to upgrade its apps and this seems to be a significant step in that direction.Windows 8 needs to upgrade its gaming features as well. Microsoft has been working for worldwide distribution of apps of Windows 8.

Compared to Windows 7, it lacks many features. It lacks emoticons fast resume from live tile.

It can be downloaded from http://whatsapp.com/download for free.

As per the official news this app is expected to be six times faster as compared to the previous version.

Windows Phone 8 store lacks social networking platforms like Instagram and with new apps coming in, the expectations of an app providing a strong social networking platform have also risen.

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