What we can expect from Windows Phone 8 ?

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is the upcoming major update for Windows based smart devices, after the Windows Phone Tango. At present, Windows Phone 7.5 OS code name Mango is in circulation with OEM’s including Nokia (Lumia family). In a short period, some of the devices may get an update to Windows Tango 7.6 minor update. Later, Microsoft Windows Phone 8 code named Apollo will be launched somewhere in Q3, 2012. wp8-joebelfiore Windows has a limited market share (1.5 percent) when compared iOS (15 percent) and Android devices (52.5 percent) during Q3, 2011. The market share has not grown over the past year and in fact it was collapsed from 2.7 percent (Q3,2010) to 1.5 percent (Q3,2011). So, Microsoft is now trying to test their ability by building a stronger platform for 2012. In this scenario, the techblog Pocketnow managed to get a video that reveals the features and themes by Windows Phone Manager Joe Belfiore. However, this video is intended for partners at Nokia and other strategic partners. So, let’s understand how interactive this OS in a summary.
  1. Hardware Changes
    • Windows Phone 8 that supports Multi-core processors
    • New screen resolutions (support for four)
    • Removable storage MicroSD card
    • NFC Support (The Wallet Experience)
  2. Platform Windows 8 integration
    • Reusable code for developers between both main platforms, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8
    • Replacing Zune client with a richer ActiveSync
  3. Application ecosystem
    • App-to-app communication
    • Xbox companion App
    • Native Skype integration
    • Skinnable camera app for OEM’s.
    • Native code support
  4. Data Management
    • Reduce, and simplify the tracking of data usage with DataSmart
    • Automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots when available
    • Display local hotspots in maps via Bing Local scout
  5. Internet Explorer
    • Server side compression technique as used in Opera Mini, Kindle Fire Silk ,etc,.
  6. Enterprise Support
    • Native BitLocker encryption (128-bit)
via [Pocketnow]
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