What is so special about “Blackberry”?

Blackberry has suffered the same fate as many movie heroes… It has been Typecast quickly as the “Manager’s Phone”. So much so that Blackberry had to release a commercial that toed the “Blackberry is not just for people in Suits” line.. Whether it was successful in breaking out of the typecast or not, only time can tell. But this brings the thought, ‘What is so special about Blackberry?’ What does this berry have, that the other dashing mobile phones around don’t? Why is it that most of the elite clan in our companies, own a blackberry only? To understand the answers, one must first know a few basic fundamentals. They maybe un connected to each other, but they all sync together and give blackberry the exalted status it currently holds. 1. Blackberry is not the name of a device; it is the name of an operating system (OS). 2. The emails we send in our office places are not through globally accessible domains/groups. The e-mails configured in an organization can be accessed ONLY through the office networks. 3. Internal office networks are configured specially on servers we call Exchange Servers. They allow creation of a Domain and multiple users where in one user can mail another inside the network and all these can be accessed through Outlook software. 4. PUSH mail is a special concept. This concept means that any data or info if configured or made available in PUSH mail functionality allows for it to be automatically re-directed or PUSHED into the handsets without need for refresh or query. In simple words, when a mail is received in the inbox, one does not have to manually open the inbox and refresh, the mail is automatically PUSHED into the inbox.

The Phenomenon
The Blackberry powered handhelds are integrated into an organization’s e-mail system through a software package called BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (BES). Versions of BES are available for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino. Google has made a Connector for BES which makes BES available for Google aps as well. So the answer to our question is “The elite clan get to own blackberries because it allows for the office e-mails to be available on a portable mobile phone and this makes it a boon for the people who have to travel far and wide more often. Many governments are against Blackberries and their reservations are not without reason. This OS provides very strong encryption and the data is routed through Research in Motion’s servers, which are outside the legal jurisdictions of those countries (India included). But despite many claims against it, the Blackberries continue to hold forte especially for their immense security and utilities. So in short, Blackberries are a boon to many. Official e-mails, internet access, high speed, tremendous security and much more features make it an asset to many. For more techie stuff on blackberries and the litigations on them check out the extensive Wikipedia site : BlackBerry
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