What is a Smartphone?

What is a Smartphone? This is one of the most common questions you would have faced from the older generation. Even the generation next who lives and breathes through smartphones cannot explain in simple words what a smartphone is! We came across a short video from vodafone australia which explains about smartphone in very simple language and via intuitive visuals. Check out the video below:

First came along the telephone. The landline telephone makes calls and receive calls that’s it. Then came along a mobile phone which allowed us to text messages, picture message and email on the go in addition to making and receiving calls. Then came along the smartphone. Smartphone allows you to do much more than making and receiving calls or sending and receiving messages. A smartphone is like a mini-computer in your pocket. It comes with a media player like an ipod, a digital camera that allows you take pictures and make video conferecing, a GPS capability.

A smartphone allows you to:

1. Browse the web

2. Send and receive email

3. Make voice and video calls via the internet.

4. Take pictures or videos

5. Listen to music.

6. Watch Television on the go.

7. Social networking on the go.

8. Play games

9. Use office and productivity applications.

10. Take notes.

11. Personal organizer.

Smartphones also comes with mobile applications shortly called as apps. Think of apps like a mini software applications that allows you to achieve specific functions such as banking, checking weather updates, reading latest news, finding your way around, play games. You name it and you have an application for the same. You can download the ones that you like and leave out the rest.

The real benefit of a smartphone can be realized only through an internet connection. Without internet connection, lot of vital features of the smartphone cannot be used. So you should either take a GPRS connection or 3G data plans to access internet on the go.

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