What happened in 2012: The timeline

What happened in 2012?

The end of the World came and went!

In mobile industry also, many things turned upside down. The year started with Samsung announcing its last quarter a smashing hit, hinting its competitors to get ready for the heat. Eventually, the year 2012 turned out excellent for Samsung. While in April it halted Nokia’s 14 year journey by gaining the World’s top handset maker position, in November its Flagship model Samsung Galaxy SIII dethroned Apple iPhone from the throne of World’s best selling smartphone. Bravo!

Indian mobile market, specifically, also witnessed a number of ups and downs in the year. 2012 started with a shocker when country’s highest court cancelled 122 telecom licenses issued during the 2G Scam. This move signaled a struggling year for Indian telecom operators. But surprisingly, one after other, many telecom operators achieved great milestones to take industry to the next level.

In April while Vodafone India registered its name in Guinness World Record for facilitating uninterrupted conversation on its network for a time period of more than 24 hours, Airtel also marked its presence by launching India’s first 4G service in Kolkata. In May all the telecom operators slashed 3G prices, in July National telecom policy proposed to abolish roaming charges across the nation. Many more pleasant and unpleasant events followed.

But why the heck I am saying all these here. Did I say we have created a timeline compiling all the nicknacks of 2012. Just go through it and you will get to know all that happened in 2012 in the mobile industry.

The timeline is embedded below. Alternatively you can click on http://www.91mobiles.com/timeline to read it in a separate web page.
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