Wearable Smart-coat to launch by next year

The clothing accessory will now also be a smartphone accessory offering connectivity and charging on the go

Soon most smartphone users would be able to get a coat that would be their ultimate smartphone accessory. Called ‘M’ by Motif, is a good looking coat that is a wonderfully disguised smartphone accessory, as iamwire reports, the smart-coat would enable users to stay connected on the go with its integrated Wi-Fi hot spot functionality. The coat has integrated 4G connectivity that allows it to provide data connectivity for the mobile devices on the go. Along with that the coat also comes with an integrated battery pack that could charge the user’s smartphone on the go.

Wireless Coat

As per company claims, the ‘M’ smart-coat by Motif is designed for new age gadgets like the iPhone 4S and the 5S as well as will have support for Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and S4 too with its unique chest pocket for charging the devices wirelessly. The coat also comes with a smartphone app that gives weather updates to the users on whether they should wear the coat or not. The coat’s fabric is created using nano technology that makes it waterproof and wearable in most weather conditions. The Coat comes with a special hanger that recharges the coat’s integrated batteries that last for about 6-8 hours between charges, as company claims. The coat at present has been given to 300 select individuals who would be testing it out for flaws and issues. The company aims at launching the product sometime during Feb next year and it is when the price of the device would also be revealed.
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