Watch the Top 10 Finalists for TED’s Advertising Contest

TED –  being the initiator of eponymous symposiums thrown a challenge who can make a better and creative advertising. TED’s Ads Worth Spreading Challenge gets a chance to get exposure at TED2011 on February 28, 2011 and this runs on the company’s home page from March 21-27. The deal is smoothened making necessary arrangements to watch on Youtube. The interesting part is One member of the winning team will also get to attend a day of TED2011. Amazingly, TED got enough responses and the final list is narrowed to 10 and these top 10 ads will be exposed on homepage of Youtube and we got a chance to see them. Watch and have fun Batelco, “Infinity” Chrysler, “Born Of Fire” Dulux, “Dulux Walls” Hornbach, “The Infinite House” Intel, “The Chase” The Nike Foundation, “Girl Effect, the Clock is Ticking” Nokia, “Dot, the World’s Smallest Stop-Motion Character Animation” The Savory Institute, “Changing Our Future” Target, “Fashion Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular” The Topsy Foundation, “Selinah” Share with your peers and comment on this….

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