Vyclone and doubleTwist with Magic Radio Android Apps Preview

Vyclone, is an app with a whirlwind of features that lets you capture videos of friends with friends simultaneously. The app acts as a media workshop to collaborate the footage taken by you and your party of friends to turn it into one video/movie. doubleTwist with Magic Radio, is a new music app using which, you can systematically align and take care of your music files. Vyclone App Vyclone is a free app for download on your Android handset. With this app, you can go loco, having fun shooting and filming at various events and instead of viewing all these clips separately one by one, the app brings them all together into one movie so you can watch and enjoy your moments and store this in an easy and fun way. This app syncs footage taken by others and uploads all these videos into a cloud service, and uses multiple angles to make a single movie. Let the app do all the focussing as it even captures multiple angles at an event. This app is perfect for smartphone videographers and their friends with the same interests. doubleTwist with Magic Radio is a free download. This is a music app, and is what iTunes is to iOS. The app plays music, podcasts, and plays radio and video, and has sync functions. With this app you have all your audio options at one place, where you can access, listen and compile your favourite music. Channelize various genres you enjoy into preferences with its settings option. You can even sync music downloaded from your PC onto this app, and the app makes music playlists for you. It even has a recently played list. Other apps which work the same features are Google Play Music and PlayerPro Music Player.

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