Vox AC30 amPhone Headphone Review

The Vox is an English brand that is better known for manufacturing gears for the musicians and did not actually produce many significant headphones for the listeners. However, the Vox AC30 amPhone headphones were a pleasant surprise. As a proper Vox family member, the AC30 amPhone headphones can be directly plugged into a guitar and produce all kinds of effects. The sound quality of the Vox AC30s is a real treat to the ears at a very affordable cost. Let us take a closer look at this great pair of headphones. vox-aphn-ac-30-review-headphones-front-800x600Design and features The AC30 falls under the Vox’s new amPhone series of headphones that can be used in two different ways, namely as a pair of headphones, and as a personal guitar-sound monitor. The several different controls in the AC30 amPhone add various effects when listening to your electric guitar. However, all these effects should be switched off when it is used as regular headphones. Apart from the special effects the AC30 amPhone features the regular aspects of a full-size headphone. The circular earcups slide along its metal bands and has adjustable tilt and swivel to adjust to various head sizes. It plays music from its 40mm dynamic drivers and sports a foldable design. Fit and comfort The AC30 amPhone offers a comfortable, secure fit. The soft, cushioned earpads keeps the headphones comfortably in their place. Though the earpads do get little warm, it really doesn’t affect the comfort level much. It has an overall lightweight feel, even with the batteries for the amPhone feature usage. Its fit should also not be an issue with most users and are suitable for long hours of music listening. Audio performance It is an accepted fact with most modern headphones that they can be paired with all sorts of mobile devices and so does the AC30 amPhone. The sonic quality of these pair of headphones is really pleasant and provides very clear and crisp sound to give you every bit of the music details. It provides very good balance and detailing of every single instrument. Though the AC30 amPhone does justice to all the music genres, it seems to be especially good with heavier rhythmic and beat-centric music like hard rock, electronics and hip-hop. The AC30 amPhone also provides great deep and vibrant bass that doesn’t drown the other beautiful aspects of music and provides really nice balance. It also has an excellent treatment to the midrange sounds and as well as treble. All the sounds are reproduced with perfect clarity with all the required effects. Vocals, instruments and electronics sound equally good for a great music listening experience. Conclusion The AC30 amPhone headphones look, feel, and sound great along with nice comfort and quality noise isolation. When they can compete very well with the $150 ranged headphones, they come with a down to earth price tag of only $99. Thus, if you are looking for a quality pair of headphones that can provide you all the desired aspects, then the Vox AC30 amPhone is your pick.

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