Vodafone reduces international roaming charges by 60%

Vodafone paves way for other carrier to slash down the international roaming rates. The third largest telecom service provider of the country announced today of cutting down its charges on international roaming by up 60%. vodafone The telecom giant reduced roaming charges across forty countries including US, UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, France and Australia for Voice, Data as well as SMS services. Every good things got an initial pain. To enjoy international roaming slashed down charges subscribers need to pay a one-time rental of Rs 1499 to activate the plan. It’s simple. Subscribers just need to send a text message to 111 typing ACT VROAM in capital letters. The plan will be immediately activated for 30 days. After the expiry of the 30 days time period subscribe again need to exercise the same texting to re-activate the service. This plan is best suited for those Vodafone subscribers who plan for visiting more than one overseas country in 30 days time frame. Moreover, in just single pack subscribers can enjoy best deal on Voice, Data and SMS. Earlier the charges of local outgoing calls in the US with Vodafone SIM was Rs 70 per minute but after the discounted rate it comes down to Rs 28. Similarly earlier single outgoing SMS use to cost you Rs 15 but now you just need to pay Rs 6 for it. Vodafone said its subscribers can also activate the plan by physically being on other country provided the destination got partner mobile network. Recently Vodafone also reduced prices of its 3G services.

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