Vodafone launches exclusive plans for Samsung Galaxy S4 owners

Now when Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched, we are closely watching everything related to it. In fact, you can keep visiting our Samsung Galaxy S4 product page frequently to keep a watch when it goes on sale and which sellers are offering great deals. As of now the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be purchased for the best price of Rs 39424. Hours after the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 in India, Vodafone launched a few plans (both postpaid and prepaid) exclusively for Samsung Galaxy S4 owners. With this plan, Vodafone claims users to save at least Rs 1000 per month. Here are the details of Samsung Galaxy S4 exclusive Vodafone plans. Prepaid plans image Vodafone has introduced two recharge vouchers exclusively for Samsung Galaxy S4. In the option one, you have to recharge with a voucher of Rs 678. In return you will get 1000 minutes of Local and STD  calls, 1GB internet at 3G speed and then unlimited at an speed of 64kbps and 500 Local and National SMS. The validity of this plan would be 30 days. In the option 2, you will need to buy a recharge voucher of Rs 345 and you will get half of everything you get in option one. Postpaid Plan The postpaid plan costs you a monthly rental of Rs 1199 and returns you 3000 minutes of local and STD calls, 3GB internet at 3G speed and unlimited after that at 2G speed, 750 local and national SMS and Missed call information alert for 12 months. In postpaid company claims to save you more than a Rs 1000 per month. Below are the details of plan, break up of savings and how to subscribe to the plan. image

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