Vodafone customers will enjoy Blackberry Study Buddy

BlackBerry-Study-Buddy-App-launch-Chennai A new and exclusive Blackberry app has been released only for the Vodafone users by IMS. IMS is among the top notch institute for management entrance exam preparation. This new app has been named as the Study Buddy and it will train you in a smart manner for the management entrance examinations.  This app has been first released in Pune last week. Study Buddy is a modern app which comprises of rich intellectual and well researched content. It also empowers you with mock tests and sample papers from the standard management entrance like CAT, CMAT, etc. Apart from it, it also gives you a good insight about the campus recruitment procedure. What process do they follow and interview test questions, all sorts of things will be available over there. Study Buddy app has been given a technical flavor as well. The In-App communication facility helps you to interact with other students through their BBM contact. The questions of the sample papers are generated randomly from the server. The flow of information through the app is also pretty smooth. The back end questionnaire is properly designed and it will enhance your knowledge for sure. You can easily download it from the Blackberry App World. There are no charges attached with it. In time to come, you may also see study material and mock tests for GRE, GMAT, GATE and CSAT. It is certainly among one of those few app that will add some value in our brains.
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