Vodafone announces novel recharge products for prepaid subscribers in Andhra Pradesh

Vodafone_6 For its novel prepaid customers in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Vodafone India, today, has introduced novel recharge products comprising FRC 95 (First recharge 95), FRC 205 (First recharge 205) FRC 399 (First recharge 399), FRC 141 (First recharge 141) and FRC 202 (First recharge 202). For all local calls, on a first recharge, the prepaid clients can get the benefit of free seconds hinging upon the selected plan. For example, on the first recharge of Rs 95, the company customer can bag 17500 free local seconds along with a validity period of around 20 days. These are obtainable in 5 denominations commencing from Rs 95 and climbing up to Rs 399, offering up the user the flexibility to decide based on their utilization pattern. In addition, the country’s major telecommunications service provider also declared a novel ‘Seconds Pack’ tariff plan for its subsisting prepaid clients in the state. These newly launched packs are customized for the company’s subscribers who have combined usage pattern of both long as well as short length calls. Rather than minute based computation, the company has keyed out the requirement for unique tariff on per seconds basis for its clients in the state.
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