Vodafone also blocks Incoming SMSs from Aircel network

After Airtel, Vodafone has also blocked the incoming messages to its network from the Aircel Consumers. The reason behind blockage is the termination charges payment related issues. Termination charge refers to the amount a telecom operator pays to other depending on the number of SMSs sent across network.

A word of relief for the Aircel consumer is that the blockage is not nation wide but limited some regions like Karnataka, Chennai, New Delhi etc. Aircel consumers living these regions are now cut off from SMS access to both Airtel and Vodafone consumers.

Consumers living in these regions have received a message from Aircel confirming the blockage from Airtel and Vodafone networks. The company has however ensured them that they are trying to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Note that just before Diwali Airtel blocked it network for the messages coming from Aircel and Reliance consumers. As per Airtel, Aircel and Reliance flooded their network with free spam messages leading to congestion in the network.

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