Vodafone, Airtel, Idea Cellular reports declining growth

Leading Indian telecom companies have reported negative growth in the month of August. Vodafone, Airtel and Idea talks about subscriber base loss of 5 million last month. In July Reliance Communication too echoed the same tune reporting 20 million subscribers loss compared to June. Indiamobilenumberportability COAI (operator association) director general Rajan Mathew said the three telecom giants of the country now have 5 million fewer customers compared to the figure in July. For last few months there had been pressures on service providers to de-list inactive subscribers and free the allotted numbers. The loss of subscribers may also be the result of this removal. Well, operators earlier reported the active subscribers’ base to be about 90 percent. If this is true then very little cleaning up was required by these giants. According to TRAI, on the operators’ list there are about 215 million inactive subscribers. Rajan said further the cleaning up of inactive subscribers will reduce spending and also improve efficiencies of the service providers. Operators spend close to a Rupee each month for maintaining single inactive customer, but the huge number of such customers adds up a lot to the maintaining cost for the companies. Soon other players will also be coming up with their figures of negative growth.

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