Vodafone 2G Data rates slashed by 80%

This should come as pleasant surprise for consumers with limited internet usage who are concerned about the bills since “Pay as you go” plans are quite expensive in comparison to data packs. Vodafone, one of the leading telecom operator in India, has announced a reduction of 80% in data charges for “pay as you go” customers. vodafone_logo The data charges for “pay as you go” consumers were 10p per 10kb which have now been slashed by 80 percent to 2P/10kb. As of now, the new price is effective only in Karnataka, UP West, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh circles but would be soon rolled out nationwide. “The rate cut will make internet access affordable for customers who use mobile internet in a limited way. These new charges are the lowest in the market, making them extremely attractive for all customers,” Speaks Vodafone representatives, “The overall internet penetration in India is low while the mobile penetration is several times higher. Most consumers will discover the power of the internet via the mobile. We want to accelerate mobile internet adoption through penetration, consumption and value addition. This 80% reduction in data charges for customers using 2G network is an important step in this direction and we are confident that this move will facilitate in faster adoption and better usage.”

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