Vodafone 2G data rates down by 80 Percent

Users would now be paying 2paisa/kb as compared to 10paisa/KB earlier

Following Airtel and Reliance Communications, Vodafone has also announced a reduction in the price of 2G internet charges by as much as 80 percent. This reduction would primarily benefit Pay-as-you-go customers and would have no affect on customers who opt or use the monthly data bundle plans. But majorly this will benefit users while roaming outside of their home network circle as they would now be paying the same amount on internet usage throughout the country. Vodafone Vodafone customers across the country would now be enjoying data connectivity at a standard rate as far as they are using it basis the Pay-as-you-go plan. Vodafone now offers both 2G and 3G data connectivity at a standard 2paisa/KB of data consumed by the users be it on their home network or while roaming as well. Vivek Mathur, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone India, said “the new reduced rates follow the successful trial of these reduced tariffs in Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh (west), Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh in mid-June”. Vodafone currently has 4.12 crore data subscribers at the end of June, compared with an overall subscriber base of 14.1 crore to which the company also mentioned that the data usage has grown almost 75% on-year. But ultimately the move would be beneficial for users with non 3G devices as other users would prefer 3G data given the similar cost as opposed to opting slower 2G data, by choice.
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