vivo Xshot unboxing: unwrapping the latest camera killer

“The vivo X5Max may have stolen the limelight, but the Xshot is another loaded device in the brand’s kitty”

vivo entered India with the super-slim X5Max (first impressions), a smartphone that was the slimmest smartphone in the world at launch time. The X5Max may have managed to grab headlines due to this fact, stealing the thunder away from its sibling the Xshot… which was also unveiled alongside.


The Xshot (first impressions), as the name suggests, is a camera-centric smartphone and justifies its tag by bringing tons of shooting features – a dedicated shutter key and optical image stabilisation, just to name a couple. Since we have the device with us for review, we’ll be diving into its shooting capabilities and overall performance in detail, but before then, we’ll be taking it through our customary unboxing.

vivo-Xshot-unboxing-010 vivo-Xshot-unboxing-009

The Xshot is a loaded device with a premium positioning, and its packaging highlights this aspect. It comes in a slim, premium-looking box, and removing the lid reveals the phone lying at the very top, on a thin plastic tray that separates the box into two.


Removing the handset and the lifting out the tray reveals small compartments below, with the accessories lying inside. On the right, there’s a small cardboard envelope that hides the usual set of documentation, a SIM eject tool and a transparent plastic back cover for the phone. The back cover is quite slim, and quite obviously, the idea is to add basic protection from scratches without adding bulk or hiding the design. It makes sense, since the Xshot is stylishly designed and is quite a looker.


Next, a rather large two-pin wall charger comes out, carrying a 2A rating. A micro-USB cable follows. Lastly, you’ll also find a stereo wired headset, packed neatly inside its own little box. The earphones look quite premium too, and come with differently sized rubber tips to ensure optimum fit.

So that was a very quick unboxing for the vivo Xshot, but we’ll have more on it very shortly… so stay tuned.

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