Vivo XPlay 3S teased as the first phone in the world with 2560*1440 2K resolution

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Vivo has teased its upcoming smartphone Vivo XPlay 3S on with 2K resolution. It looks like China’s appetite for high-end smartphones has reached on all time high level with the announcement of world’s first smartphone with Quad HD 2560*1440 resolution display.

Vivo is the company behind the super slim Vivo X1 and for the music friendly Vivo XPlay which are currently being sold in the Far East. And now it is making news on the web with the announcement of a smartphone with such high-end resolution. However, company didn’t mention the exact screen dimension of the phone and Vivo simply calls it a phone with 2K resolution. There are not much details about the upcoming high-end Vivo smartphone are available at the moment. However, company has posted a teaser image on the Weibo sighting that the phone will be powered by a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which will also provide support on the device for 4G LTE on all the three major Telecom Operators in China. The real question that rises here is that who needs a smartphone with such higher resolution when the 720p and 1080p is good enough. But, still the manufacturers are focusing on the high resolution then they should be focusing on providing a compact battery in their devices with higher capacity. A normal 2500mAh or even a 3000mAh battery won’t be able to last long enough on such high resolution display while viewing media content. What’s your thought on this 2K phone? Share your views in the comment box below.

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